Mobile Application

Take control of your everyday life and make it simple. Control LED lightning, electrical blinds, air condition and even schuko plugs form wherever you are.

Set up easily scenes for your home or business and making all your appliances smart using your Smartphone, tablet or PC and with the application MASTER Smart Home.

Automate different scenes of lighting intensity, creating a comfort environment according to your needs quick and easy. Activate or deactivate multiple devices with just one touch such as heaters, watering systems, coffee machine etc.

Adjust your heating and your cooling from wherever you are and not just on/off but to the desirable temperature.

The deactivation of all the appliances, heating and cooling, the lightning, the blinds and shutters with one touch on your Smartphone or Tablet is easy and fast. This simple group command creates a ‘’smart’’ and fully functional residence that can think on it’s own.

The application MASTER Smart Home is constantly developing and it will always be available to every Smartphone or Tablet. Download it from Google Play and App Store.