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Dimmer DM-400B (Lighting Controller) is an innovative product of digital technology Leading Edge & Trailing Edge, specially created to fully cover the needs for regulation of lighting intensity and for energy saving, using alternative type of lamps such as LED (dimmable LED), economy lamps (dimmable CFL ) and previous generation light bulbs (Resistive - Halogen).
It is a totally safe, reliable, and aesthetically shaped product made of special integrated circuits of cutting-edge technology and of resistant plastic parts for difficult conditions of operation and usage.
Handling: Dimmer DM-400B operation features:

  • Input for wired remote control from one or more parallel buttons for adjusting the lighting intensity (ON / OFF by briefly pressing the button and stretch the lighting - Dimming with a long press).


Function Selection: Leading Edge to Trailing Edge and conversely is accomplished by  long pressing  the button for more than  fifteen (15) seconds.


Lowest threshold setting: DM - 400B enables the user to preconfigure the minimum point of brightness for Dimmable Led lamps, if required. This process is achieved by adjusting a potentiometer (trimmer) located on the product.

PDF Manual

Download the DM-400B manual

Advantages of DM-400B:

  • Specially designed for LED
  • Unlimited number of lamps (Dimmable Led) up to 400 Watt
  • Selection of function (Leading Edge - Trailing Edge) depending on the connected load.
  • Soft - Start mode to protect lamps
  • Capacity to set a lowest threshold of brightness for lamps
  • Electronic protection against short-circuit, overheating and overvoltage with automatic reset to operational mode
  • Remote control with buttons from one or more points (activation - deactivation and brightness adjustment)

Technical Specifications

Dimmer: IGBT – Digital
Function: Soft Start 
Operating Voltage: 180 – 230V AC 
Power Line Frequency: 50Hz
Output Power: 400 Watt


  • LED lamps (dimmable)
  • CFL lamps (dimmable)
  • Halogen lamps
  • Resistive Magnetic transformers
  • Electronic transformers
  • Electric single-phase motors:
  1. Universal
  2. asynchronous with torque strongly depended from motor speed (centrifugal pumps, fans, ventilations etc).

FUSE: Electronic protection against short-circuit, overheating and overvoltage 
WIRE SIZE: From 0.5 mm to 3.5 mm
MOUNTING: Electrical switch box


The product complies with directives:
Low Voltage Directive: 2014/55/EU
EMC Directive: 2014/30/EU
EN 60669-1
EN 60669-2-1

Draft of Electrical Installation

3D Preview

Watch the three-dimensional representation of the product by long pressing click