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RAIL MOUNTING DIGITAL DIMMER 500 Watt LED (Remote Control) DM - 500/b

The DM – 500 / b rail mounting digital dimmer (light adjuster) is an innovative product of the digital technology 'Leading edge & Trailing edge', especially designed to fulfill the needs of professional spaces in the important field of lighting adjustment and energy savings. Its perfect linearity in lighting adjustment with alternative types of lamps such as EDISON-Filament LED, Dimmable LEDDimmable CFL and previous technology lamps (RESISTIVE & HALOGEN) makes this product unique. The product can be remotely controlled through one or several distant buttons.

Handling: The DM – 500 / b rail mounting digital dimmer has 3 buttons for control and a remote control input.

  • Button 1:It is used to activate and de-activate the electric load.
  • Button 2 and 3: They are used to adjust the lighting intensity and therefore the consumption of the load at the desired point for the operator, from 1% to 100%.
  • Inputfor wired remote control from one or more parallel buttons for adjusting the lighting intensity (ON / OFF by briefly pressing the button and stretch the lighting - Dimming with a long press).

Select Function: Switching from Leading Edge to Trailing Edge and backwards is achieved by simultaneously holding down the buttons No 1 – No 2 – No 3 for 6 sec.

Adjustment of minimum power limit: The DM – 500 / b provides the capacity to also control loads from single-phase electric motors. Therefore, it is necessary to control the lower engine speed of the electric motor in order to avoid its overheating and thus its destruction.

This takes place as follows:

  • Step 1:Keep the button No 1 (ON / OFF) pressed.
  • Step 2:While the button No 1 is pressed, adjust the engine speed of the electric motor with buttons No 2 & No 3 (UP / DOWN) at the lowest allowed threshold.
  • Step 3:Release button No 1 (ON / OFF) and the adjustment is complete. To readjust the lowest threshold the same process must be repeated.

Note: Setting the lowest threshold as well as the remaining settings of the DM - 500 / b rail mounting digital dimmer is fully safe because storing them to a memory (EEPROM) takes place digitally, so there is no concern in case of power failure, irrespective of the duration.

PDF Manual

Download the DM-500/b manual

Technical Specifications

DIMMER: IGBT - Digital


  • Edison – Filament LED
  • LED lamps (dimmable)
  • CFL lamps (dimmable)
  • Halogen lamps

FUSE: 6 A / 230VAC (for short-circuit protection) 
WIRE SIZE: From 0.5 mm to 3.5 mm
MOUNTING: Din-rail mounting 35 x 7.5 mm (DIN 45277)


The product complies with directives:
Low Voltage Directive: 2014/55/EU
EMC Directive: 2014/30/EU
EN 60669-1
EN 60669-2-1

Draft of Electrical Installation

3D Preview

Watch the three-dimensional representation of the product by long pressing click